Some of the amazing people we work with


5 Star is a company that for over 20 years has constantly challenged itself to use new technologies and talented professionals to create TV shows, commercials, feature films and digital content. We will shoot anywhere in the US, the world, the universe. Even Alaska! It’s the only state we have quoted gigs but not had the opportunity to shoot in. We love telling stories. Painting pictures with a medium that fascinates, excites and creates emotion.


We constantly challenge ourselves to use new technologies

Mike looks at a camera as a shovel. Technology is always changing and the younger folks on the crew keep up with everything from new edit suite equipment, field gear like GE & Sound etc… If it’s RED cams, AF100s, FS700s, C300, or even GoPros & DSLRs, 5 star will use whatever tool best fits the gig. The progression of our suites went from Avid to Media 100. Then Media 100 to Final cut and now Adobe Premiere. The equipment changes but the people behind the scenes are what makes 5 star stand out. Shovels are cool. Like bacon and things like that.

When pre production starts and the beer starts flowing there’s no telling what is going to come out of the think tank. Whatever that is we have the firepower to do the job. Trucks from 1 ton to the 10 ton big boy. Doorway dolly to a J.L. Fisher. Our work horse and company fav the 30 foot cammate crane with 360 dutch head and don’t even make us bring Yoda and his badass StediCam rig. Man I get excited just talking about it! Let’s shoot something.


See what our customers have to say about us.

Mike and crew are always a pleasure to work with and always produce an excellent product. We rarely ever give them enough time or enough direction and they consistently exceed expectations. In partnership with 5 Star we have been able to develop entirely new avenues for major CPG companies to interact with their field teams, as well as the world's largest retailer. - Matt Silvestri @ The Integer Group - Denver

If the folks at 5Star ever ask to borrow your car, run like hell. but Mike Hart and the 5Star team are the Navy Seals of production. They kick butt from pre-production to final film; whether it’s behind the camera, working with talent or crafting the story in the edit suite. - Mathew Burnett, managing partner @ super genius inc. - chicago

Working with Mike Hart and his crew is an absolute delight. Mike is a seasoned pro with exceptional people skills, a critical eye and a tireless work ethic. At this stage in my career I insist on surrounding myself with talented professionals who I enjoy working with and Mike Hart clearly fits the bill. - Tony Hernandez @ The Man Guide - Miami

I've worked with 5 Star Productions of Fort Smith for 10 plus years. No matter the project, whether small projects such as sales feature videos to 30 second national television spots to a large scale production like a TV Show, their creativity is accentuated by their ability to produce and edit. I can't neglect the professionalism and support of 5 Star's "behind-the-scenes" crew either. Always top-notch and always accommodates our needs. - Justin Biddle, Director of Marketing, Umarex USA, Inc.



Travis Joiner is a 2 time Emmy winning producer with a long history at 5 Star Productions. Being a part of 5 Star since 2003, he has seen the production world transform into what it is today and has helped in keeping 5 Star on the forefront of professional production and post production. Travis is one of our resident Directors of Phototgraphy as well as post production supervisor.
Travis Joiner
Mike’s experience starts back when he still had a mullet and was working at a TV station in 1986. In between newscasts and sweeping floors he watched a lot of MTV and dreamed of making music videos. In 1996 he had the opportunity to have his own production company and he’s never looked back. Mike’s had the opportunity to work for 100s of clients and for over 20 years the one thing he likes most is getting to know people and finding ways to tell their story. Directing never gets old for him.
Mike Hart
We give Charlie a lot of crap but after working for his family for years he’s pretty much used to it. When we brought him on we had no idea how much material he could chop and how fast he could do it. We still have to keep him in check by reminding him he’s mediocre at best and that he tells the worst jokes.
Charlie Ryan
Tash keeps the office moving smoothly by doing what the crew cares most about. Cash flow. With so many people traveling and working so much there is always a long trail of receipts and beer tabs that someone has to follow. From cutting checks to ciphering the mysterious paper trail known as Mike she does it with a smile on her face. Ok we made that last part up.
Tasha Ghan
DA has a great eye and has traveled the country with 5 star shooting everything from cooking shows, murder / mystery shows and the TV show American Airgunner. He and Yoda might be most famous for an event in Savannah involving a red oven mitt, a wooden spoon and a 3am Taco Bell run.
David Arteaga
This 270 pound hulk joined the crew in 2013 and we’ve never looked back. As a friend once said we are not 5 star but 5 foot productions. So we hired Clay. He moves heavy things. Has a great beard and can shoot. It's what he loves to do and he’s damn good at it.
Papa Bear
The quiet one on the crew but the guy who gets stuff done. Trav always rolls Yoda into shoots if he’s available. Being a badass StediCam op takes him around the country and around the globe. He’s a pretty popular guy and we are glad to have him on the crew. We still remember the day that quiet kid from high school walked in the studio and the crew had him moving dirt and stingers.
By keeping in line with the G/E theme Andy has been a part of the crew for the last 4 years and he has gripping down. The truck doesn’t break itself out and Aher makes sure it’s done fast and done right. He also writes his own short stories and films. We have yet to agree to shoot one but they’re not bad.
Andy Her
Mannit is on our planet. He joined 5 star two years ago and works AC part time and he is a 3D king in the suite. He loves his “Mannimation” and we do too. Living in Thailand up until the last couple of years he brings flavor to the group. It’s always fun to receive a text from Mannie and piece it together :) Especially for Keith.
He’s old. He started his career working in silent films. After WW1 and the great depression he played nudie films in Pittsburgh at an old theater in the 70s. He and Mike met in ’88 and after working with mike for 28 years it’s pretty much a yelling match between the two. Then some afternoons you’ll catch them on out back in the warehouse drinking a corona and laughing. And arguing.
Keith Cline


You can use the 801 Media Center for:

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Training Events
  • Private and Business Parties
  • Retreats
  • Press Conferences
  • Live Event Recording
  • Private Auditions
  • Private Concerts
  • Private Movie Screenings

The Media Center Offers:

  • 80 Theater Style Seats
  • 6 High bar tables
  • 24 bar stools
  • Video & 4K LED Projector
  • 12' Projector Screen
  • Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
  • 10' x 20' Stage Available
  • Stage Lighting

Special Features and Capabilities Include:

  • Surround sound system supported by sound board and mixer for digital recording capabilities.
  • Handheld and wireless microphones provided.
  • Both projection system and screen are operated by remote control.
  • Event multi-camera video taping and editing available, as well as audio and video duplication.
  • Facility includes break area and Wet bar.
  • Custom catering services are available.
  • Other special services and equipment upon request.